Going, going…

This series includes familiar landmarks that may not be relevant to future generations, as technologies and circumstances change.

If you look to the right up West Malvern Road, at springtime, you’ll see fields of bluebells. I was struck by this and a postbox embedded into a garden wall. The bluebells will, I hope, outlast the postbox, though the latter was quintessentially ‘British’ for several generations. Brushed oil on canvas.

The red telephone box now commonly houses a defibrillator or, as outside the West Malvern village hall, a library. This box stands on the Guarlford Road. Behind it is the nursery, the roadsign ‘Penny Lane’ and a commemorative seat. Brushed oil on canvas.

All things ‘post and mail’ are changing, but the Malvern sorting office remains busy. I wanted to record a typical scene. Note the defibrillator next to the now obsolete ‘new’ telephone box that replaced the red one. Brushed oil on canvas.

Further down the Guarlford Road there is an old gas pump, back from the days when farms had their own, adjacent to an implement shed. With the move to electric vehicles, one or two generations on, these will be strange objects indeed. Brushed oil on canvas.

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